Ocuflash Drops 2x10ml

Ocuflash Drops 2x10ml

Ocuflash Drops 2x10ml

Characteristics and usage

-First aid for irritated eyes

-anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and astringent action on the eyes

-without preservatives

-used for preventing and supporting the treatment of non-infectious inflammations of the eyelashes and conjunctiva, and for soothing the eyes


-an ideal eye wash solution for removing any foreign bodies from the eye

-for rinsing out mucous and purulent secretions

-for cleaning the eye after wearing hard contact lenses

-as first aid in mild burning of the eyes by acids and alkalis (lime, mortar)

-as a supporting element in certain chronic inflammations of the conjunctiva, especially non-infectious inflammations

Ocuflash blue can be used by children, adolescents and adults. Considering the safety of the preparation, it can also be administered to newborn babies, infants, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.


For soothing of the eyes and for supporting the treatment of non-infectious inflammations of the conjunctiva and eyelashes, add 1-2 drops into the lower eyelid 1-4 times a day. When flushing out a foreign body from the eye, apply the solution until the foreign substance or foreign body is removed, or until the problems stop.

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