Ogestan 30 Capsules

Ogestan 30 Capsules


Ogestan is a food supplement designed to provide only those microelements which are absolutely necessary for women who are pregnant, want to become pregnant or are breastfeeding. Nutritional studies clearly show that the use of iodine and vitamin D3 is insufficient among pregnant and nursing mothers. The same applies to folic acid, known as vitamin B9.

Folic acid (Vitamin B9) plays an important role in the development of the nervous system and the normal growth of the fetus. A daily intake of 400 micrograms of vitamin B9 is recommended by the European Health Authorities prior to planned pregnancy and during pregnancy to prevent the risk of severe malformations of the femoral spine.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid belonging to the group of omega-3 acids. It plays a key role in the development of the nervous system, the brain and the retina of the child. During pregnancy and lactation, the need for DHA is extremely large. Insufficient intake takes away from the mother's reserves.

Retina - Clinical studies prove that DHA is necessary for the normal functioning of the retina. Recent data suggest that DHA is involved in the synthesis of Rhodopsin Ocular Pigment.

The nervous system - DHA is found in high concentration in the gray matter. Reducing its amount in the brain can lead to disturbed nerve impulse transmission, difficulty memorizing, etc. Providing DHA for the fetus is directly related to its development.

Iodine, which plays a role in many hormonal processes, is essential for maternal health as well as for the development of the embryonic nerve system.


Folic acid - 400 μg;

Fish oil rich in Omega 3 fatty acids - 289 mg / 144 μg DHA;

Vitamin D3 - 5 μg;

Iodine - 150 μg;

Natural vitamin E - 10 mg.

Directions for use : Take 1 capsule daily before a meal with a glass of water. The course should begin before conception and continue during pregnancy and lactation.

Packaging: 30 capsules

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