Optive Eye Drops 10 ml

Optive Eye Drops 10 ml

OPTIVE Eye Drops 10 ml
Optive lubricant eye drops closely mimic natural human tears. They are suitable for everyday hydration of dry and irritated eyes. They are also suitable supplement for contact lens wearers and anyone who suffers from dry-eye syndrome. They provide relief for those working in dusty, hot or air-conditioned environments.
Purite Preservative
Optive was developed in harmony with the sensitive environment of the human eye. It does not contain traditional preservatives, which often cause side effects, but the very gentle preservative called Purite®. This material breaks down into natural tear components, water and salt, in the eye.
Bi-phasic lubricating system
Optive eye drops possess a two-phase moisturizing system that is based on the joint action of several active substances.
1) Formation of protective film
In the first phase, the eye surface is lubricated using glycerin and CMC (carboxymethyl¬cellulose), which forms a protective film to prevent dry eyes.
2) Rehydration of epithelial cells
The second phase involves two substances, L-carnitine and erythritol, which rehydrate eye cells and help maintain the balance in the eye enviroment necessary for osmosis.

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