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Arcol Silver Water Solution 10% 100ml

Arcol silver water solution 10% 100 mlDisinfectants with potent antiviral , antibacterial and antifu..

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Astarte 14 capsules

Lactobacilli are essential for keeping the vaginal flora healthy and for the prevention of vaginal i..

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Batrafen Nail Lacquer 3g

Batrafen Nail Lacquer 3gInformation - Batrafen Nail Lacquer SolutionUpdate 3rd Nov, 2015:  This..

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Cicatridina 10 vaginal ovules

CICATRIDINA *10 vaginal ovules1.      COMPOSITION:·         ..

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Clotrimazole Cream 1% 20g

1.Clotrimazole Cream 1%2. Qualitative and quantitative compositionEach tube contains 1%w/w Clotrimaz..

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Daktarin Oral Gel 40g

Daktarin Oral GelDaktarin oral gel is an effective medication for the treatment of oral thrush, whic..

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Exoderil 1% Solution 10ml

EXODERIL 10 ml 10 mg/ml liquid solutionActive substance:Naftifini hydrochloridum 10 mg in 1 ml ..

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Exoderil Cream 15g

EXODERIL CREAM for the treatment of FUNGAL foot infections 15 g SandozThe Sandoz product is a creamy..

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Exoderil Nailner 2in1 5ml

Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 Exoderil Nailner 2 in 1 x 5 ml by Sandoz is a nail polish that helps in..

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Exoderil Solution 20ml New

Exoderil Solution 20ml

EXODERIL 20 ml 10 mg/ml liquid solutionActive substance:Naftifini hydrochloridum 10 mg in 1 ml ..

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Ketozal Shampoo 2% 60ml

Trade Name:Ketozal 2%For treatment and prophylaxis of infections caused by the fungus Malassezia fur..

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Odorex Foot 50ml

Biotrade ODOREX Foot 50ml Stops Sweating Odor AntiperspirantOdorex Foot is an antiperspirant spray a..

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Polinail Nail Polish 3.3ml


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Povidone Iodine Iodseptadon 10% 100ml

Iodseptadon 10% 100mlProduct is used as an antiseptic in uninjured skin; pre-, intra- and postoperat..

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Zhivasept Antibacterial Gel 500ml

ZHIVASEPT Gel 500ml PumpAntibacterial rinse-free hand sanitizer with bactericidal, including tubercu..

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