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Abo Pharma Lichensed Adult Syrup 150ml

Abo Pharma Lichensed Adult Syrup 150mlfor dry and / or productive cough /INGREDIENTS:- Cetrariaislan..

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Abo Pharma Lichensed Children Syrup 100ml

Abo Pharma Lichensed Children Syrup 100mlLichensed Children Syrup is a Medical Device formulate..

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ACC 200mg x 20 Sachets

ACC 200 MG, 20 SACHETS (AGAINST COLD AND FLU)Acc 200 mg is used for the liquefaction of bronchial se..

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ACC 600mg 10 Effervescent Tablets

ACC 600mg 10 Effervescent Tablets, respiratory diseases, acetylcysteineACC is a pharmaceutical prepa..

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ACC Acute 600mg 10 Sachets

ACC Acute 600mg x 10 sachets,Viral bronchitis treatmentViral bronchitis treatment. The drug ACC ..

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ACC Direct 600mg Oral Powder 10 Sachets

ACC direct 600mg oral powder in a bag, pack of 10Product descriptionACC Direct 600 mg powder for tak..

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ACC Syrup 20mg/ml 100ml

ACC Syrup 20mg/ml 100ml The active substance acetylcysteine ​​dissolves the components that cause mu..

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Ambrex Syrup 30mg/5ml 150ml

Ambrex Syrup 30mg/5ml 150mlAmbrex is indicated for acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory sys..

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Ambrex Syrup For Children 15mg/ml 100ml

Ambrex Syrup For Children 15mg/ml 100mlAmbrex is indicated for acute and chronic diseases of the res..

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Angal Spray 30ml

Angal spray 30 mlWhat Angal is and what it is used for?Angal is a topical drug in the oral cavity an..

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Ben Tuss Junior Syrup 100ml

Ben Tuss Junior SyrupBen Tuss Syrup is a nutritional supplement specially created for children in th..

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Biox Complex Cough Syrup 100ml

BIOX COMPLEX cough syrup Act:The combination of extracts of narrow-leaved plantain and thyme have a ..

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Biox Thymi Cough Syrup 100ml

BIOX THYMI cough syrup Thyme extract has a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tract and oral..

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Bronchalis Tablets 50

Bronchalis-Heel, Tablets X 50Indication: For the temporary relief of coughs associated with bronchit..

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Bronchicum 100mg 20 Lozenges

Description:BRONCHICUM Sanofi's drug is plant-based, which is recommended for symptomatic treatment ..

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