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ACC 100 mg x 20 Sachets

ACC 100 MG, 20 SACHETS (AGAINST COLD AND FLU)Acc 100 mg is used for the liquefaction of bronchial se..

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ACC 200mg x 20 Sachets

ACC 200 MG, 20 SACHETS (AGAINST COLD AND FLU)Acc 200 mg is used for the liquefaction of bronchial se..

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ACC 600mg 10 Effervescent Tablets

ACC 600mg 10 Effervescent Tablets, respiratory diseases, acetylcysteineACC is a pharmaceutical prepa..

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ACC Acute 600mg 10 Sachets

ACC Acute 600mg x 10 sachets,Viral bronchitis treatmentViral bronchitis treatment. The drug ACC ..

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Ben Tuss Junior Syrup 100ml

Ben Tuss Junior SyrupBen Tuss Syrup is a nutritional supplement specially created for children in th..

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Bronchalis Tablets 50

Bronchalis-Heel, Tablets X 50Indication: For the temporary relief of coughs associated with bronchit..

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Cefabronchin Drops 50ml

Cefabronchin Drops 50 mlTreating cough purely herbalA unique combination of six proven medicinal pla..

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Dr.Theiss Mucoplant Anisol Capsules X 30

Dr.Theiss, Mucoplant Anisol, Capsules X 30Catarrhal diseases of the respiratory tractPlant product ...

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Echinacea Forte Drops 50ml

Dr.Theiss, Echinacea Forte, Echinacea Drops, 50mlComposition 75.6g of echinacea extract in 100 ml.In..

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Expectorans 5 Syrup 90ml

Expectorans N 5For short-term symptomatic treatment of fever, headache, sore throat and nasal conges..

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Flavamed Forte syrup 100ml

FLAVAMED Forte syrup 100ml 12+ symptoms of sinus infection• Syrup FLAVAMED Forte acts as an aux..

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Flavamed syrup 100ml

FLAVAMED syrup 100ml acute and chronic respiratory from 1 years children• Syrup indicated in th..

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Flavamed Tablets x 20

Flavamed Cough Tablets N20 bronchial disease, pulmonaryFlavamed Cough Tablets N20 PATIENT INFORMATIO..

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Fluditec Syrop 2% 125ml


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Fluditec Syrup 5% 125ml

Fluditec Syrup - 50mg / 125ml Cough Syrup Chronic Inflammatory Bronchial DiseaseFluditec Syrup (Carb..

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