Batrafen Nail Lacquer 3g

Batrafen Nail Lacquer 3g
Batrafen Nail Lacquer 3g
Information - Batrafen Nail Lacquer Solution
Update 3rd Nov, 2015:  This product has been discontinued, however a generic (and much less expensive) version is available: APO Ciclopirox 8% Nail Lacquer 7ml.
Batrafen Nail Lacquer has been specially developed for the treatment of fungal infections of the nails.
• Unless otherwise directed, NAIL BATRAFEN lacquer is applied to the diseased nail in a thin layer every other day for the first month. This ensures that the nail is saturated with the active ingredient.
• Application may be reduced to not less than twice weekly in the second month of treatment, and to once weekly from the third month of treatment onwards.
• Throughout the application period, the entire coating of lacquer is taken off once a week with the swab provided. If the coating of lacquer is damaged in the meantime, it is sufficient to paint over the chipped areas again with NAIL BATRAFEN lacquer.
• The duration of application depends on the severity of the infection. A period of six months' treatment should not be exceeded because of a lack of clinical experience with NAIL BATRAFEN beyond this period of time.
• One bottle contains approximately 500 applications.
• Because of the lack of clinical experience, NAIL BATRAFEN lacquer is not recommended for use in children.
Active Ingredient: Ciclopirox 8%
Important Notes
• Hypersensitivity to ciclopirox.
• NAIL BATRAFEN should not be used in pregnancy or lactation.
• NAIL BATRAFEN is generally well tolerated. Where NAIL BATRAFEN lacquer has come into contact with skin adjacent to the nail a light reddening or scaling of the skin has been observed in a few exceptional cases. 

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