Aloe Vera Plant Juise Espara 1000ml

Aloe Vera Plant Juise Espara 1000ml


The plant aloe vera juice of Espara e made from hand picked plants in environmentally controlled area. When the output is not used pesticides. The juice does not contain GMO (genetically manipulated organisms) and not irradiated. Not used colors and thickeners. Rapid processing by activating aloevi mature leaves (12 to 18 months of age) immediately after collection, provides storage for biological activity of substances and ensure the highest quality product.

 Leaves are collected three or more annual plants, which is extremely condition for receiving full aloe juice.

Features: This natural, refreshing and revitalizing drink is highly recommended by doctors, naturopaths, and recently by the official medical science and consumed regularly by thousands of people worldwide.

 Aloe drink are provided daily to students in some European Union countries and are included in the composition of bottled drinking water in England, Portugal and France. Aloe Vera is an excellent cell food containing over 100 bioactive substances: all the necessary amino acids, micro and macronutrients, vitamins, broad spectrum enzymes, anthraquinones, organic acids, saponins, etc. An important role for the unique qualities of the plant has a specific carbohydrates and mucopolysaccharides in t . PM and well studied acemannan known as an excellent immunomodulator and Harmonizer cellular functions. Due to their biochemical composition and the ability to accumulate solar energy as biofotoni, aloeviyat juice occurs: pronounced antimicrobial effect (kills viruses, bacteria and fungi by activating the same time are factors of immunity); mild laxative and deep cleansing effect, stimulates regeneration processes skin and mucous membranes and promotes rapid healing of the wound and ulcer surfaces favorably affect metabolic processes in the connective tissue and optimize capillary circulation, has anti-inflammatory and protivtumoren effect.

It is widely used to regulate processes in the digestive tract and hepatobiliary system, with all infectious diseases in inflammatory and degenerative problems of the locomotory apparatus for correcting the imbalance in immunity, etc. Aloeviyat juice is an excellent food for diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, often ill children and the elderly to restore cell viability.

It is used widely and with excellent effect as a universal anesthetic and accelerate recovery processes in clinics in gastroenterology, dermatology, dentistry, rheumatology, ophthalmology, etc. Recommended in oncology as accompanying drink in the conduct of chemo-and radiotherapy.

Composition: 1000 ml 99.93% aloe vera, antioxidants (ascorbic acid, bromelain, papain).

Warning: This product is a dietary supplement and not a drug and not a substitute for a balanced diet. Follow the recommended intakes.

Recommended Usage: 1-2 times a day 25 ml of fasting in a non-metallic spoon and cup (pure or mixed with water, fruit or vegetable juice). Shake the bottle before use and after opening, store in refrigerator.

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