Biolectra Immun Direct 20 sashets

Biolectra Immun Direct 20 sashets

Biolectra® Immun Direct

Biolectra Immun Direct it is dietary supplement with zinc, selenium and histidine – often called ­ first­aider. Active ingredients are closed in special micro­pellets DIRECT formula, which dissolve in mouth within the seconds, what makes them right away available for the human body. It is also easy to take – one sachet per day.

Active ingredients of Biolectra Immun Direct – zinc, selenium and histidine are the great importance and benefit for immune balance and immune defense against common infections of upper respiratory system. Zinc is an essential trace element which ensures that the immune system and the body’s own resistance function normally. Our body can neither produce zinc itself nor can it store adequate supplies – we need a constant supply of zinc via our nutrition.

Zinc, selenium and histidine contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. They affect multiple aspects of the immune system and helps to keep the immune system in balance A sufficient intake of zinc and selenium is a crucial factor in maintaining the defensive ability of the body’s own immune system.

Zinc activity is required by many key immune cells and cytokins responsible for anty­infection response, histidine improves zinc bioavability. Additionally zinc and selenium are involved in destruction of free radicals and helps human body to neutralize oxidative stress.

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