Joints and muscles

Joints and muscles

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911 Body balm-gel with apitoxin 100ml

911+ Body balm-gel with apitoxin, 100mlIs recommended as adjuvant treatment for arthropaty : osteoch..

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911 Chaga gel-balm 100ml

911 CHAGA gel-balm massage aching joints and muscles 100mlIngredients: extracts of Chaga / birch mus..

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911 Okopnik Body Balm 100ml

911 OKOPNIK/COMFREY & CHONDROTIN Body Balm Joint, Muscle Pain Anti-Inflammatory 100mlReduces inf..

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911 Travmalgon Body Balm Gel 100ml

911 TRAVMALGON Body Balm Gel Sport Injuries, Muscle Back Pain, Anti-Inflammatory 100mlACTIVE INGREDI..

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Acetysal 500 mg 20 tablets

Acetysal 500 mg 20 tabletsACTION Atsetizal® in low doses prevents the occurrence of heart disea..

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Allga San Akut Dolor Gel 100ml

Description of Allga San Akut Dolor GelAllga San Akut Dolor Gel is a specially formulated massage ge..

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Allga San Mobil creme 50ml

Allga San Mobil creme 50 ml.Stay mobile!According to statistics, every second adult is suffering fro..

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Allga San Mobil Gel 100ml

Allga San Gel quickly relieves cramps, pain in joints & muscles.- 100 ml.Rubbing and massage Con..

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Allga San Mobil Gel Intensiv 100ml

Allga San Mobil Gel Intensiv 100 ml.Pain in the muscles and joints of various kinds, as well as feve..

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Analgin 500mg x 20 Tablets

ANALGIN (METAMIZOLE SODIUM) - 500 MG./ 20 TABLETSInternational generic name: Metamizole sodiumTablet..

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Arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel 30 ml

Nelsons® arnicare® Arnica Cooling GelGone the extra mile? Pushed yourself to the limit? Nelsons® arn..

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Arnigel 45g

Product DescriptionHomoeopathic medicine traditionally used as a topical, adjuvant treatment for min..

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Arthro Guard Gel 50ml

Arthro Guard GelPURPOSE:- Neurotic and muscle pain - rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, tendovaginitis..

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Arthroguard 40 capsules

Arthroguard 40 capsA specially developed composite formula. Contains high natural extracts that accu..

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Arthroguard 80 capsules

Arthroguard 80 capsA specially developed composite formula. Contains high natural extracts that accu..

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