Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

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Alsypin Herbal Mouthwash 100ml

ALSYPIN- Herbal Mouthwash gingivitis,stomatitis,periodontal disease in differentALSYPIN solution -&n..

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Anaftin Baby Teething Gel 10ml

Anaftin Baby Teething Gel 10ml, teething gel for babies• Anaftin Baby teething gel on a medical..

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Anaftin gel for aphthae 8ml

Anaftin gel for aphthae 8ml, mouth ulcer treatment• Anaftin gel for mouth ulcers wound coated w..

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Anaftin liquid mouthwash 120ml

Anaftin liquid mouthwash 120ml, stomatitis treatment• Anaftin liquid mouth rinse is a product t..

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Apimed Dent (Apipro) oral spray 20ml

APIPRO oral sprayApipro oral mouth spray, by creating a protective film soothes irritated and inflam..

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Biozin Spray 30ml

Biozin Spray contains lactoferrin, medicinal hollyhock blossom, red poppy and drocera. These in..

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Calgel gel 10g

CALGEL gel 10g, calgel teething gel• Calgel is indicated for use in inflammatory conditions dur..

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Corega cream neutral flavor 40g

COREGA cream bracket for dental prosthesis neutral flavor 40g• Dental prosthesis. Used so far c..

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Corega Extra Strong cream 40g

COREGA Extra Strong cream 40g prevents the loss of the prosthesis• COREGA Extra Strong cream is..

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Corega protection gums cream denture 40g

Corega protection gums cream denture 40g• Denture cream. Well fixed prosthesis is a guarantee o..

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Green Tea Espara Capsules 600mg x 60

ESPARA, GREEN TEA, CAPSULES 600 mg x 60Green tea has Espara Gmbh miraculous chemical composition. Du..

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Oak Bark Bilec 60g

OAK BARK - BILEC, 60 GQuercus cortexIngredients: chopped, dried peel Oak - 100%.Recommended for skin..

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Oralmed (Apiprodent) propolis spray 20ml

APIPRODENT propolis spray for gums and mouth cavitySpray contains: propolis tincture, tinctures of h..

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Protefix Adhesive Cream Extra Strong 40ml

Protefix Adhesive Cream Extra Strongwith threefold effect-Extra strong with effect on wet denture-Ex..

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Sandrin Oral Hygiene Concentrate 25ml

Sandrin Oral Hygiene Concentrate – Helps Prevent Bad Breath, Reduce Inflammation of Throat, Mouth &a..

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