Panadol Baby 120mg / 5ml - 100ml suspension

Panadol Baby 120mg / 5ml - 100ml suspension

Panadol BABY 0.12g / 5ml - 100ml suspension, children from 3 months of age+
• Panadol BABY is a drug that is effective in relieving pain in children over 3 months of age. It is also responsible for the reduction of fever (often accompanies colds and flu).
5 ml of suspension contains 120 mg of paracetamol. The other ingredients: malic acid, azorubine, xanthan gum, maltitol liquid, strawberry flavor, sorbitol 70% (crystallizing) nipasept sodium, sorbitol, anhydrous citric acid, purified water.
Panadol BABY is a drug designed specifically for the youngest patients. It consists of paracetamol, which in effect stops prostaglandin cyclooxygenase activity in the central nervous system, it helps alleviate pain and decreases elevated body temperature. Panadol BABY has the form of a pink suspension which is to be taken orally. The package comes with a measuring cup.
- allergies to the constituent substances of the preparation
- liver or kidney failure
- concomitant use of other drugs containing acetaminophen
- children under 3 months of age
The product is recommended for use in children over 3 months of age for pain (head, throat, teeth) and fever (during infection or after vaccination).
For oral use. Usually, it is recommended to use a dose of 15 mg / kg body weight in a single dose. The dose is determined according to the following information.

Children aged 3 months (body weight - 6 kg) - administer a single dose of 3.5 ml;

Children aged 6 months (8 kg) - give 5.0 ml;

Children aged 9 months (9 kg) - give 5.5 ml;

Children aged 1 year (10 kg) - give 6.0 ml;

Children aged 2 years (12.5 kg) - administer 8.0 ml;

Children aged 3 years (15 kg) - give 9.0 ml;

Children aged 4 years (17 kg) - administer 10.5 ml;

Children aged 5 years (19 kg) - administer 12.0 ml;

Children aged 6 years (21 kg) - administer 13.0 ml;

Children aged 9 yrs (30 kg) - administer 19.0 ml;

Children aged 12 yrs (42 kg) - administer 26.0 ml.

Do not use more often than every 4 hours.

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