Paracofdal: Your One-Stop Solution for a Variety of Ailments (10 or 20 Tabs)

Paracofdal: Your One-Stop Solution for a Variety of Ailments (10 or 20 Tabs)

Combat common ailments like headaches, toothaches, fever, coughs, and neuralgia with the convenient and effective Paracofdal tablets. This multi-purpose medication provides a combination of pain relief, anti-tussive, and temperature-decreasing properties, making it a versatile companion for your everyday health needs.

Targeted Relief for Multifaceted Ailments

Paracofdal effectively tackles a range of discomforts, including:

    • Headaches: Say goodbye to those nagging headaches and enjoy long-lasting relief.
    • Toothaches: Conquer toothaches and regain a smile free from pain.
    • Neuralgia and neuritis: Provide relief from nerve pain and tingling sensations.
    • Painful menstruation: Manage menstrual cramps and discomfort effectively.
    • Fever: Bring down high fevers and restore your body's natural balance.
    • Coughs: Calm coughs and soothe a sore throat, allowing you to breathe easy.

Active Substances:

  • Paracetamol
  • Metamizole Sodium
  • Codeine Phosphate
  • Caffeine

Convenient and Easy to Administer

  • Paracofdal's easy-to-swallow tablets make it a hassle-free option for anyone seeking relief. With a dosage of 1-3 tablets per day, you can manage your discomfort without compromising your lifestyle.

Essential for Everyday Wellness

  • Whether you're facing occasional headaches or dealing with recurring issues, Paracofdal can be your trusted ally in maintaining your well-being. Its comprehensive formula ensures effective relief for a variety of ailments, keeping you feeling your best.

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