Biogame Proescultan Gel 200g

Biogame Proescultan Gel 200g

Proescultan Gel increases the tone of under-femoral veins of people who have no diseases of the peripheral blood vessels. During treatment of thrombophlebitis, the swelling and pain at the area of venous inflammation decreases, the thrombi become softer and disappear with time. Proescultan Gel has an analogous effect on haemorrhoids.

Isolated biologically active substances of horse chestnut have been experimentally and clinically investigated.

Escultine increases the capillary resistance as a result of suppression of hialuronidase activity, erythrocyte resistance, stimulates anti-thrombosis activity of the blood serum, and stops any suppressions on anti-thrombin production of the reticuloendotelial system.

Escine – a substance from the saponin group – decreases the blood viscosity, supporting the drainage of venous blood. Consequently, the preparation can be administrated in cases of diseases related to high curdling (phlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, etc.). Escine suppresses the initial exsudative stage of inflammation. There is no effect at a later stage because escine influences the stage of the inflammation process, dominated by bradykinin. The tonic effect of escine on the venous wall is caused by stimulation of prostaglandin production and its release in the venous walls. The Anti- inflammation effect of escine increases five times with the adding of flavanoide (total extract). In cases of people without diseases of the peripheral blood vessels, an enhancement of the tone of the veins in the calf can be observed.


It is useful in cases of neuralgia, rheumatism, varicose symptom-complex, haemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis, static swelling. There are no contra-indications.


Approximately 1-2 g gel is administrated 2-3 times daily, locally on the skin and rubbed in to assist in the preparation's penetration into the tissue.

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