Quixx Soft Nasal Spray 30ml With Aloe Vera

Quixx Soft Nasal Spray 30ml With Aloe Vera

Quixx Nasal Spray 30ml with Aloe Vera Rinitis, Sinusitis, Blocked Nose for Adult

Natural water from the Atlantic Ocean with valuable minerals and Aloe Vera extract

Rinitis, Sinusitis, Blocked Nose

Can be used by Adults, children and infants aged six months or over, can be used during pregnancy and lactation

Product description

Quixx 30ml With Aloe Vera For Adults, Children and Infants

For daily care of the nose and to maintain the normal function of the nose. Quixx is a natural remedy to relieve the sensitive nasal mucosa by helping maintain the humidity, as well as for the proper filtering and humidifying of the air. Quixx is a natural isotonic nasal spray, which contains natural water from the Atlantic Ocean with valuable minerals and trace elements and Aloe Vera extract. The concentration of salt in quixx soft is commensurate with normal levels of salt in the body and therefore Quixx is gentle to the nose. Each 100 ml of Quixx contains 28.6 ml water from the Atlantic Ocean, 71.4 ml purified water and 0.05 g Aloe Vera extract. For daily care of the nose and for cleaning; As a supportive tool for preventing colds, complaints related to the nose; to relieve dry, irritated or inflamed nasal mucosa; as a supportive treatment for rhinitis and sinusitis; in children who are unable to blow their nose. Contains only natural ingredients; without preservatives; does not lead to habituation; safe for long term use.

Quixx soft cleans the nose: Softens accumulated secretions and facilitates their secretion. Washes away allergens and microorganisms, reducing their contact with the nasal mucosa; Quixx soft moisturizes and relieves the nasal mucosa: the water from the Atlantic Ocean, contained in Quixx Soft, moisturizes the nasal mucosa by maintaining its normal filtering function. Aloe Vera further reinforces the action of salt water and helps soothe and relieve irritated nasal mucosa.

Infants (six months) and children up to 5 years of age: 1 injection into each nostril up to 4 times daily.

Children from 6 years of age and older: 1-2 sprays in each nostril several times a day, as necessary.

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