RegulatPro Metabolic 350ml

RegulatPro Metabolic 350ml


Vitamins B, C and D 

Magnesium and Oligo elements

Food supplement

Regulat is a concentrate of fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, which is manufactured by the energizing process of the Original Cascading Fermentation. 

REGULAT Pro Metabolic is a nutrient-rich concentrate containing Regulat® as its main ingredient.

REGULAT Pro METABOLIC is a fermented concentrate (perfect molecular degradation) based on fresh and organic fruits, nuts and organic vegetables, which is obtained by the original and patented process of revitalization: cascade fermentation. 

REGULAT Pro METABOLIC optimally maintains our metabolic reactions by an extremely bio-available addition of nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium, a complex of vitamins B, vitamin C and vitamin D, essential for maintaining the many important functions of our body.

REGULAT Pro METABOLIC can, thanks to the nutrient supply in the form of low molecules (enzymes) obtained by the long fermentation of these fruits, vegetables and nuts, augmented by trace elements, vitamins and minerals, contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

How to use:

Take 10 ml of Regulat® Pro Metabolic (1 tablespoon) in the morning and evening and keep in the mouth for 1 minute before swallowing; 100 ml correspond to 0.8 BE. Do not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and / or a healthy lifestyle.


Ingredients (pro 100 ml): 84,5 g de Regulat ® (Fermentation en cascade™),valeur 100 ml constitué de 41,85g d'eau, 9,4g de citron*, 7,7g de dattes* , 7,7g de figues*, 5,1g de noix*, 2,55g de graines de soja, 2,55g noix de coco*, 2,55g d'oignons*, 2,2g glycérine végétale, 1g céleri*, 0,85 g de germes de soja*, 0,6g d'artichauts*, 0,4g de petit pois, 0,35 g de millet, curcuma* <0,1 g, 10g de jus d'orange concentré*, 4,99g de citrate de magnésium, 200mg de vitamine C, 120mg d'extrait de vanille *, 120mg d'arômes naturels, 104,24 mg de chlorure de zinc, 30,8mg de manganèse sulfate, 30mg de vitamine D (dry), 24mg de niacine, 9,81mg de pantothénate de calcium, 2,55mg de chlorhydrate de pyridoxine, 2,1mg de riboflavine, 2,09mg de chlorhydrate de thiamine, 1,03mg d'hexahydrate de chlorure de chrome (III), 0,5mg d'acide folique, 40microg de cyanocobalamine.

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