Reishi Supertonic 10 Vials x 10ml

Reishi Supertonic 10 Vials x 10ml

Reishi Supertonic 10 Vials x 10ml


The Ginseng herb and the Asian mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) are some of the best known natural immune stimulants and adaptogens. Reishi Super Tonic is an ancient Chinese recipe for good health and longevity.

Reishi is a very rare mushroom which grows only in Japan and China , in dense woods with high humidity. It can be found on the trunks of dry trees - out of 10 000 trunks, only 2-3 Reishi mushrooms can be found. Today the mushroom is cultivated in special mushroom farms.

Ginseng and Reishi is recommended as an Immune Stimulator and also for the improvement of the overall condition of oncologic patients.

Recommended dose: 1-2 vial(s) a day inbetween meals. Shake well before use.

Packaging: 10 vials x 10 ml

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