Resista Forte 30 Lozenges Against Viruses And Bacteria

Resista Forte 30 Lozenges Against Viruses And Bacteria

Resista Forte


RESISTA FORTE is a broad spectrum, quick-action immunostimulating drug with a THROAT PROTECTOR developed to activate the immune system against viruses and bacteria in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

RESISTA FORTE is a complex of immune activators combined with probiotics with clinically proven immunological properties and prebiotics, which enhance overall immunity against viruses and bacteria.

The throat protector is a new class of probiotic with local action on the throat and tonsils, which protects them from tonsillitis and other infections and destroys disease-causing bacteria in the throat and tonsil area.

RESISTA FORTE is recommended as an immune system booster, which protects against infectious diseases in individuals with frequent recurring infections, chronic diseases, children and pregnant women. It is also efficacious against throat infections.

Each tablet of RESISTA FORTE contains:

250 mg of EpiCor®

50 mg of standardised Shiitake extract

250 mg of Colostrum

5 µg of Vitamin D3 3 (200 IU)

5 mg of Zinc

Probiotics (lactobacilli and bifidobacteria): Lactobacillus acidophilus (2.5 billion vital cells*); Bifidobacterium lactis (2.5 billion vital cells*)

50 mg of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

Oral probiotic: Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus ST-G30 (1 billion vital cells*). *Number of vital cells at the moment of manufacturing.

*Number of vital cells at the moment of manufacturing.

Resista Forte is a dietary supplement.


The main purpose of the immune system is to protect the body against pathogenic bacteria and viruses and to destroy all cells in the body which have been modified or damaged. When viruses or bacteria come into contact with the body, the immune system cells identify the pathogen, activate themselves, and attack and destroy it.

Immunity is usually classified as natural or acquired. We start forming a defence system against pathogenic microorganisms while still in the womb which is called natural immunity. It consists of defence barriers, including skin and mucosa, some immune cells, and a number of substances (such as enzymes, proteins, and cytokines), which block, neutralise, or destroy pathogenic microorganisms.

Acquired immunity develops throughout life and is formed when the immune system comes into contact with pathogenic viruses and bacteria. As a result of this contact, the immune system learns to detect and neutralise pathogens by producing antibodies specific to each type of microorganisms. This is why acquired immunity is also called specific immunity.

While acquired immunity is more effective in handling a specific pathogen, natural immunity is essential for the body’s survival, as the immune system needs about 7 days to produce an effective response.

The immune system cells are located all over the body (bone marrow, thymus, spleen, tonsils, and lymph nodes). The largest immune organ is in the gastrointestinal tract (the so-called intestinal lymphoid tissue) and constitutes 70% of the entire immune system. The intestinal lymphoid tissue is closely linked to good intestinal bacteria (lactobacilli and bifidobacteria) which constantly stimulate it and keep it ready for a fast and adequate immune response when pathogenic viruses and bacteria enter the body. When the number of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract decreases, the immune system is weakened.

The immune system fights millions of viruses and bacteria which enter our bodies every day, and yet, we remain healthy. Pathogens sometimes prevail for a short while, and our health is then compromised.

When the immune system is permanently weakened due to chronic diseases, aging, pregnancy and other factors, or when it is about to be exposed to excessive and hard-to-endure stress during flu epidemics, it needs an extra boost.


In order to maintain us in good health, our immune systems daily neutralizes millions of foreign particles, which enter our bodies. We fall ill when our immune system is not strong enough to neutralize a disease-causing agent (pathogen).

Immune system may become weak for a variety of reasons:

-frequent or extended illness;

-antibiotic treatment, which along with the pathogens destroys beneficial gut bacteria as well;

-during flu outbreaks;

-chronic fatigue;

-insufficient sleep;

-chronic disease;

-advanced age;

-pregnancy, etc.

-In these cases, our immune system needs an extra boost and stimulation in order to regain its full capacity.


Achieving a strong immune system is a complex process. It requires both stimulation and balancing in order to prevent hyperactivation.

RESISTA FORTE offers balanced enhancement and regeneration of immune system functions through several mechanisms of action:

Enhancement of overall immunity against viruses and disease-causing bacteria in two ways:

А. Through its immune activators:

EpiCor® is a latest generation immunostimulant with proven efficiency, which boosts the immune system as early as 2 hours after intake.

Classic immune system activators – extracts from the Shiitake mushroom with medicinal properties, colostrum, Vitamin D3 and zinc proven to have a strong immunostimulating effect over long years of studies.

B. Through immunogenic probiotics:

L. acidophilus and B. lactis are two probiotic bacteria strains with clinically proven immunological properties, hence their description as immunogenic. They form colonies in the small intestine, restoring gut microflora balance and stimulating immune system cells in the gut. Resista Forte also contains a prebiotic, on which beneficial bacteria feed, strengthening their numbers and bringing benefits.

Strengthens local immunity of the throat owing to a special new class probiotic bacterium – Streptococcus salivarius, which dwells in the mucosal tissue lining the throat and tonsils, protecting them from tonsillitis and infections by synthesizing antimicrobial substances acting on the agents causing them. This is why Resista Forte may also be taken as treatment of existing throat infection, in addition to its general prevention properties.

Balances and restores the normal functioning of the immune system, preventing its hyperactivation. The immunogenic probiotics L. acidophilus and B. lactis activate a specific type of immune cells (the so-called Treg lymphocytes), which play a key role in maintaining immune system balance and suppressing hyper reactions.


-Fast and effective enhancement of the immune system and reliable and robust protection of the body against viruses and bacteria.

-Less frequent and milder episodes of illness and indisposition.

-Faster recovery.

-Efficient control of tonsillitis and sore throat episodes.

-Lower risk of complications after a cold, flu or other infectious disease.

-Confidence and peace of mind that we will remain healthy throughout winter months.


RESISTA FORTE are lozenges. It is recommended that no food and drinks should be consumed for at least 30 minutes after taking the lozenge.

Take RESISTA FORTE in the following cases:

-Against flu and cold before winter.

-In case of frequent (recurrent) infections.

-Infections of the throat and tonsils.

-Weakened immune system, chronic illnesses, pregnant women and children.

-During and after a course of antibiotics.

Adults and children over 12 years of age should take 2 tablets of RESISTA FORTE daily for 30 days.

The recommended dose for children over 5 years of age is 1 tablet of RESISTA FORTE daily for 30 days.

If considering taking RESISTA FORTE for general immune system support before the winter season, it is highly recommended that you start in the beginning of September.

RESISTA FORTE can also be swallowed whole. If swallowed whole, the local effect on the mucosa of the oral cavity, tonsils, and pharynx will be milder, but the general effect of the product on the immune system remains the same.


RESISTA FORTE should not be taken by transplant patients and patients taking immunosuppressive therapy, or people who have had an allergic reaction to any of the lozenge ingredients.


There are no known side effects of the product or contraindications to its use.

You can take RESISTA FORTE both by itself and in combination with another product, after consulting your doctor.


Keep RESISTA FORTE in its original packaging at a temperature of up to 25°С and out of the reach of children.

Do not use the product after its expiry date or if the integrity of the packaging is compromised.

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