Sollievo Physiolax 27 Tablets

Sollievo Physiolax 27 Tablets

Sollievo Physiolax 27 Tablets
 Sollievo is 100% natural, with no artificial additives, colorings, preservatives and flavorings! It is certified to be organic (EU), which guarantees the environmental cultivation fields in Tuscany and production! Facilitates the metabolism. Thanks to the presence of only natural ingredients, the product is devoid of side effects.
Leaves senna - 122 mg
Aloe juice - 91,7mg
Dandelion root - 91mg
Chicory root traveler - 30,2mg
fruits of fennel - 27mg
Fruit caraway - 23mg
Fruits boldo - 7mg
Fruits cumin flavor - 6mg
essential oil of fennel fruit - 0.3mg
given the concerns of one tablet.
Sollievo is 100% natural, powerful yet gentle, assisting defecation by promoting the natural function of the intestines. Product ingredients - senna leaves and aloe vera help stimulate natural peristalsis of the colon and nuns and boldo support the natural processes of defecation. Fennel, cumin and caraway Roman prevent flatulence and tensions in the intestines and chicory helps maintain a healthy digestive system.
Facilitates the metabolism; used in constipation.
It is recommended to take 1-3 tablets in the evening, if necessary.

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