Syntrival 150mg 30 Tablets

Syntrival 150mg 30 Tablets

Syntrival 150mg 30 Tablets

Syntrival contains a special extract of water-soluble tomato concentrate.

The cardiovascular system plays an important role in our health and energy. The influence of nutrition, for example on cholesterol levels and blood pressure, has been known for a long time. Recently, the effect of nutrition on blood flow and platelets was detected. Normal blood flow also influences the dehydration of the cardiovascular system.

What is Syntrival?

Ultrafiltrating in patented processes produces a special tomato extract (fruitflow) *. This extract contains different phytochemicals and should not be confused with Lycopene.

Of particular importance for good blood flow are three bioactive fractions (polyphenols, nucleotides, flavonoids).

The ingredient of Syntrival is the first natural ingredient to contribute to good blood flow tested by EFSA **.

How does Syntrival work?

The Syntrival compound helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to good blood flow.

Normal healthy platelets are smooth and elastic, thus reducing the risk of clotting in the blood vessels.

Syntrival helps maintain normal platelet health and reduces platelet aggregation (clotting). This maintains a normal flow of blood into the vessels.

Good blood flow also influences the dehydration of the cardiovascular system.

Who is more suitable for Syntrival?

For all who want to maintain the health of their cardiovascular system and for whom normal blood circulation is particularly important, for example:

- People with a family predisposition to cardiovascular disease;

- People exposed to high stress;

- Women taking contraceptive pills

- Smokers;

- Overweight people.

The natural special extract of Syntrival stimulates good blood flow and, through its positive effect, can contribute to good health.

How is Syntrival administered?

Recommended dose of daily intake: Take 1 tablet a day with a glass of water.

Effects on platelets and blood flow occur after about 3-5 hours for a period of 12-18 hours.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Do not use the product as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle!

Syntrival is not a substitute for prescription blood-thinning medicines.

The way Syntrival works on blood flow is different from the mechanisms of blood thinning medication.


Water soluble tomato concentrate, maltodextrin stabilizer - hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; Fillers - monocalcium phosphate, cellulose;

Glazing agent - polyethylene glycol; Glazing agent - hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; Fillers - sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, silicon dioxide; Colorant - titanium dioxide, iron oxides and hydroxides; Isolate - talc, magnesium salt of fatty acids;

Emulsifier: fatty acids.

Contents of 1 tablet (0.265 g = daily dose):

Water soluble tomato concentrate - 150 mg.

Syntrival does not contain gluten, lactose and fructose, as well as artificial dyes.

Packing: 30 tablets

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