Terms & Conditions

1. The owner of the online store www.carefromnature.co.uk is PERSIMMON GROUP LTD, based in Sofia. 

2. The online store www.carefromnature.co.uk conducts internet sales mainly in the United Kingdom.

3. By placing an order in our shop, you are registering and accepting Care from Nature's terms of sale and these rules.

4. To place an order, complete the order form correctly and send it to www.carefromnature.co.uk

5. The subject of the sale are all funds and items listed in our catalog at the time of ordering.

6. The goods bought in our store are original and brand new.

7. Care from Nature reserves the right to verify the order and to cancel it in justified cases as well as the right for possible errors.

8. Pictures on the website www.carefromnature.co.uk may sometimes differ from the actual ones, so when selecting a product, please use the description (quantity, weight, composition).

9. After submitting the order, an email will be sent automatically confirming the acceptance of the order by our store. In the absence of confirmation, please contact: contact@carefromnature.co.uk to verify a possible error.

10. Payment can be made via the credit / debit card payment system. In extreme cases and prior telephone contact by means of a card or transfer to the account of Care from Nature. Unpaid orders will not be processed.

10a. If you use the system with a card payment, after a properly conducted transaction, you should receive an e-mail, confirming the payment, if it does not mean it may not pay the order, please contact us by email.

11. The order starts immediately after payment. If you need to verify your transaction, we will contact you by email. It is therefore important that you provide the right data.

12. Orders placed before 08.00 are sent on the same day (if it is a business day). Orders placed after 08.00 will be shipped the next business day. We reserve, however, deviations from these dates.

13. The delivery of the goods takes place via DHL to the delivery address indicated in the order form.

14. If the address is incorrectly provided or the buyer does not collect the shipment, the Pharmacy is not liable.

a. If the shipment will have to be sent again, the cost of re-shipping will be borne by the buyer. Please check the details carefully.

15.  Products that require storage at low temperatures. The products are stored in the refrigerator, unfortunately, we send such products via DHL and there is no guarantee that during delivery to the recipient storage conditions will be preserved. Every customer who purchases products requiring low temperatures orders them on their own responsibility. 

We do not accept returns of products requiring storage at low temperatures.

16. If the product sent does not agree with the order ordered on the website www.carefromnature.co.uk (a mistake, different weight, expired) Pharmacy. The product will refund the cost of such a product or send (at no additional cost) the appropriate product. If the customer sends back the above-mentioned product, we will cover the cost of shipping.

17. Some deliveries are regulated by DHL regulations and can be found at www.dhl.co.uk/

18. The prices of the products on offer www.carefromnature.co.uk are given sterling and do not include shipping costs.

19. Care from Nature reserves the right to change the prices of goods offered on the site without giving reasons. These changes, however, do not concern orders that have already been accepted for implementation.

20. Care from Nature also reserves the right to withdraw certain items from the offer without prior notice.

21. The shipping cost is included in the final payment amount.

22According to Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) 2000, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons within 7 business days from the date of delivery. This is only possible if the product, as well as the packaging, is undamaged, unpacked, and unused. Returns should be directed to the address of the Pharmacy. The letter with the note "return". Pharmacy. The product will refund the product price within 14 days of receiving the return shipment. The cost of shipping and other incidental costs of the transaction are not refundable. The buyer makes a refund at his own expense.

23. In matters not covered by these regulations, consumer law provisions apply, including Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) 2000, Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Directive 97/7 / EC, and Electronic Commerce Directive 2000.

24. Care from Nature reserves the right to change the contents of these Regulations without prior notice.

25Please, note that we ship from Bulgaria, therefore, some of text on the boxes could be written in Bulgarian. If you have any concerns, please contact us.