Tubulcus Sock L Compression Pair

Tubulcus Sock L Compression Pair

Tubulcus Sock L Compression Pair

Treatment using elastic venous compression is a recommended medical measure to prevent chronic venous stasis leading to leg ulcers.

Tubulcus has proven efficacy in the treatment of venous leg ulcers. The threads used and the method of weaving them allow Tubulcus to return (push back) the venous blood from the bottom up (toward the heart), exerting gradually decreasing pressure from the line of the color line where it is most pronounced (wound area) up towards the calf.

Tubulcus is a non-heel open toe compression tubular orthosis made of knitted bidirectional elastic textile. It is made of elastane, polyamide and cotton. It is intended for the treatment of venous leg wounds.

Tubulcus is a medical device and requires regular medical follow-up of the outcome of treatment efficacy.


Tubulcus is used for the treatment of venous leg ulcers as an adjunct to conventional wound care.

It applies constant and sustained pressure that is efficient and non-aggressive, necessary for the treatment of venous wounds (ulcers).

Effectively counteracts venous blood stasis, which is the cause of the formation of wounds.

It is applied quickly and easily thanks to a flexible insertion aid system (slip on the foot).

It stays on perfectly, does not slip, does not wrinkle or form loops.

The orthosis has an aesthetic appearance and is pleasant to wear (cotton inner side for skin contact).

For repeated use after washing at 60°C. Tested after 20 washes without loss of compression characteristics (test performed at the University Hospital Center of Nancy)


Placement of Tubulcus takes place during a consultation and after dressing the wound, performed by a doctor or nurse. Fitting is made easier by using the foot slipper. Tubulcus is placed over the wound dressing.

It is necessary to measure the circumference of the leg in advance at different precisely defined levels in order to select the most suitable Tubulcus size for the respective patient.

Fitting, which is always done in a supine position, is very simple and painless thanks to the use of the flexible foot slip-on system.

The position of the colored thread is to indicate and focus the pressure, which is important for the efficacy of Tubulcus: it should always be at the level of, or slightly below, the lowest part of the wound.

Tubulcus adjusts lengthwise. The two braided ends that are not inserted can be cut with scissors so that they fit exactly on the foot and possibly the appropriate place on the leg.

When changing the Tubulcus, do not pull off the lower end (from the foot side) so as not to disturb the wound dressing underneath. Removal must start from the top.

Tubulcus is changed depending on the frequency of local care and wound dressings. It can be worn continuously for 7 days, around the clock.

Tubulcus should be replaced on average every 7 days, then the wound dressing should also be changed (except in cases where more frequent dressing changes are required).

Washing Tubulcus:

Machine wash.

Washing temperature 60°C.

Wring without twisting, dry on a flat surface in the shade and away from heat sources.

Do not iron.

The device for slipping on the leg is cleaned by hand at a maximum temperature of 30°C

Tubulcus size selection: taking measurements.

Two measures are needed. Measure the circumference in centimeters:

At the level just below the wound, which is at the bottom of the leg (the measurement is taken when a bandage has already been made at the site).

At the widest part of the calf.

Measurements should be taken in a sitting or lying position.

Standing measurements are not correct because the contractions of the muscle give differences in size and the result is unrealistic.

In case of discrepancy between two measures, choose the larger one.

(1) CM: Calf circumference (in cm)

(2) C: Ankle circumference (in cm) (the area under the wound dressing)

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