Urgo Filmogel 3.3ml Damaged Nails

Urgo Filmogel 3.3ml Damaged Nails

Urgo Filmogel 3.3ml Damaged Nails

URGO Filmogel Damaged nails care for nails damaged by mycosis or injury. It keeps your nails healthy and beautiful.


URGO Filmogel Damaged nails create an invisible, odorless film that penetrates the nail structure, cleans, regenerates and protects the nail. It is used for the first signs of visible nail damage.

It penetrates the structure of the nail that it cleans, regenerates

It stabilizes the nail structure

Promotes the growth of healthy nails

Easy care: only one application per day

Invisible, odorless, dries quickly

The film-forming gel is intended for the treatment of nails damaged by mycosis or injury. With its special Filmogel technology, it helps keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

The product is suitable for adults and children over 3 years of age.

How to use:

The product is applied once a day to dry and clean nails. The nail may not be filed before application. The application brush (included in the closure) allows proper application to help the nail, cuticle around the nail and under the nail. The film is water soluble, so it should be applied before going down to stay on the nails as long as possible. You can apply colored cosmetic lacquer to the filmogel. Remember to remove the paint before applying it.


Hydroxypropylchitosan, ethanol, purified water, proctone olamine (Octopirox 0.5%).

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