Visionguard 30 Capsules

Visionguard 30 Capsules



-delays the progression of cataract and macular degeneration

-protects eyes from direct sunlight exposure and harmful influence of UV rays

-advisable for individuals working with computer for a long period of  time  

-helps to reduce eye fatigue

-increases immunity ( boosts immune system functions) and has an anti-inflammatory properties

-increases immunity and has an anti-inflammatory effect 

-advisable for individuals with high-degree of myopia 

Content per capsule: 

-Lutein-10 mg.

-Aronia extract-375.00 mg.

-Bilberry extract-90 mg.

-Grape seed extract-5 mg.

-D, L – alpha – tocopheril acetate-15 mg.

-Beta-carotene-5 mg.

Recommended daily use:

for adults - 1 capsule daily


-do not use in case of hypersensitivity towards any of the ingredients

-do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding

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