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Biogame L-Carnitine Liquid Carnipure 500ml

Biogame L-Carnitine Liquid Carnipure 500ml
Biogame L-Carnitine Liquid Carnipure 500ml
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L-Carnitine Liquid is classic lipotropic formula with a proven effect of burning fat. It is especially effective during times of dietary regime and heavy physical stress. It increases the energy capacity and tenacity at times of heavy physical stress. It helps for a fast recovery of the body and overcoming unpleasant stressful situations.

The complex effect of L-Carnitine is the acceleration and regulation of the metabolism, which reduces excess weight without any negative consequences for the organism.

Naturally, muscle tissues contain L-Carnitine and it is involved in the metabolism of afts (in the transport of fatty acids to cell mitochondria and their transformation into energy). Choline is included into the composition of lecithin and from them, phospholipids are synthesized in the liver. The phospholipids are a requisite for the transport of fatty acids and stimulate their oxidation. Methionine provides methyl groups for holine synthesis and regulates the metabolism of proteins. Inositol is also involved in phospholipid synthesis.


Used for the reduction of excess weight, as a stimulant for burning fats, regulation and acceleration of the metabolism. It can be used as an additional therapy i primary and secondary insufficiency of Levocarnitine.


For the 500 ml pack

1 to 2 measuring cups:

- 30 min before training

- Fasting at night, one hour before bedtime

L-Carnitine Liqud is absorbed more rapidly than the capsule form.


For a 25 ml dose

Carnipure - 1000 mg

Ca Pantotenat - 3 mg

Biotin - 1,25 µg

For a 15 ml dose

Carnipure - 2000 mg

L-Carnitine does not contain any sugars, synthetic fragrants, dyes or preservatives.

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