Zahir 80 Capsules

Zahir 80 Capsules

    80 capsules

    Ingredients in 2 capsules (one doze):

    1. L-carnitine - 600 mg
    2. Extract - Folia Betulae (Birch leaves) - 200 mg
    3. Extract - Camelia Sinensis - (Green tea - 90% polyphenols) - 100 mg
    4. Chrom III - 100 mkg


    L-carnitine has a biochemical structure resembling that of amino acids and therfore it is regarded as their derivate. Its main function is to enhance transportation and burning of fat inside the cell and to utilize them adequately as a powerful source of energy. In this way it drastically increases the metabolism and thus leads to healthy weight reduction in general. L-carnitine is the leader in treatment of “chronic fatigue” and considerably assists the energy production. The levels of L-carnitine with individuals suffering from this syndrome are significantly decreasedIt prevents subdermal deposition of fat, as well as its accumulation and aggregation in the regions of the heart, liver and skeleton muscles. It precisely increases the efficiency of antioxidative vitamins С and Е, delays the process of aging. Enhanced by the presence of an enzyme in the mitochondria of the cerebral cells - acetyltransferaseit contributes considerably to the cell energy generationL-carnitine strengthens the immune system, protects from oxidative stress, prevents nervous diseases, removes depression, increases physical efficiency and the use of branched-chain amino acids in a specific, metabolically selected manner.
    Extract - folia Betulae (birch leaves) – this extract is one of the most beneficial natural diuretics, the effect of which is due to the flavonide contained in it - the so called hyperozid. Its soft diuretic effect prevents the annoying detention of water in the top layers of the skin, which is considered the main cause of cellulite formation and development. The birch extract stimulates blood circulation, increases capillary permeability and helps the elimination of metabolites.  In this way, conditions for extreme destruction and removal of fat depots in the subdermal adipose tissue are created. The variety of phytochemicals characterizes not only its diuretic effect, but also its potentialities to alleviate the pain, to protect the body from different types of inflammations, infections and intoxications.
    Extract - Camelia Sinensis - (Green tea)- its beneficial effect and unique properties have been know since the antiquity, and the range of substances contained in it reveal diversity of properties and a genuine healthy formula. Its revolutionary standardized extracts (polyphenols) stimulate the production of noradrenaline hormone, which enhances the metabolism and helps the process of burning of excess fats. Its antioxidant action has to do with the decrease of cholesterol levels, with blood coagulation, immune system stimulation, blood sugar and insulin levels regulation, removal of mental fatigue, the process of cell aging detention and the increase of the immune response.
    Chrom III, also called glucose tolerance factor, is the basic mineral necessary for the energy in the body. Chrom III diffuses fast through the cell membrane and instantaneously reaches its bio-active levels and thus successfully furthers the action of the insulin. It excellently controls the levels of the blood cholesterol and blood glucose and adequately works for the appetite regulation and the simple sugar cravings; it advances the fat loss and prevents the loss of muscle mass, which is the main factor promoting the longevity and assisting the fight against the osteoporosis. Chrom III deficiency leads to anxiety, tiredness, amino acids metabolism of lower quality and glucose intolerableness (in individuals with diabetes, in particular).


    1. Fat destruction and elimination of the poor LDL cholesterol
    2. Accelerates the metabolism (exchange of substances)
    3. Burns out the taken calories and turns them into energy
    4. Enhances the healthy weight loss
    5. Eliminates detention of water in the upper layers of the skin
    6. Prevents and removes the risk of cellulite formation
    7. Enhances the low-carbohydrate way of life by neutralizing the intake of sugar
    8. Regulates the appetite and suppresses the desire for sweets
    9. Highly powerful anti-oxidative action
    10. Increases sexual activity
    11. Improves exercise performance
    12. Controls the daily stress
    13. Assists the mental comfort


    2 capsules twice a day, taken with a sufficient quantity of water, 30 minutes before meals!


    80 capsules packed in 8 blisters, 10 pieces each, placed in a folding cartoon with drug information.


    Read the instructions before use.
    Not to be used by pregnant women and children.
    The daily dose prescribed should not be exceeded.
    The medicine is an accessory dietary supplement and is not a substitute of proper nutrition.


    Keep in dry and dark places at a room temperature below 25°С. To be kept out of children’s reach. Not to be used after the expiration date.

    Expiration date:

    Two years as of the date of manufacturing

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